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giovedì 11 aprile 2019

Giornata mondiale Parkinson

Giornata mondiale Parkinson

Dear friends,
World Parkinson's Day is fast approaching. The INSIGHT into Parkinson's virtual summit programme is now full of world class speakers – including Prof Bas Bloem and Prof Ray Dorsey, co-authors of the important 2018 article The Parkinson Pandemic—A Call to Action. And the EPDA will proudly be among the speakers too!
Now in its second year, the 2019 INSIGHT into Parkinson's kicks off on 11 April, and will bring together people with Parkinson's, their families and carers, healthcare professionals, academics and specialists to learn from each other, share knowledge and information and build a united global Parkinson's community.

The seven main topics of the 2019 INSIGHT into Parkinson's summit programme will be:
1. Neuroplasticity and neuroprotection
2. Brain fit – thinking and memory
3. Nursing support
4. Balance, motor control and freezing
5. Exercise and healthy ageing
6. Motivation and mood
7. Inspiration

The summit is aiming to raise AUS$1 million
from event ticket sales. Any profits* from ticket sales will then be shared among the summit's Affiliate Partners to help them continue supporting the Parkinson's community.

Visit the INSIGHT summit website to get your ticket! New options such as premium broadcast access for healthcare professionals, as well as 5-people family tickets or 10-people team tickets, are now available.

* Please note: profits from ticket sales will only be distributed to Affiliate Partners if the event organiser (PD Warrior) covers its own costs via sponsorship funding. Please email if you want more information.

Get your tickets for the INSIGHT summit


Download and share the INSIGHT into Parkinson's flyer to get a 20% discount code, and spread the word among your own members to help make this event as big as possible!
If you want to know more, please contact us at, or download the INSIGHT into Parkinson's summit presentation.

We look forward to seeing you at the
INSIGHT online summit!



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